32597_509534765769807_2078635620_nDear friends of kids from Walbrzych (Poland),
Thank you everyone for your support, for your votes in Project for Awesome 2016, and sharing the video. Now we shoulsd wait for the final results of this international competition.
If you want to contribute a little more than a vote you can donate to Garczynska’s Foundation. Each 10 PLN menas 10 sandwiches to chlildren! So if you can- please help!
At the end of Project for Awesome 2016 we were on the 18th position TOP most vieved vidios. The top 22 most voted receive donation. So we have to wait for the final results till January-March 2017.

But we have still chance to get some founds and help the kids from the poorest district of Wałbrzych (a city in southern Poland).

The children are cared for by the Garczyńska’s Foundation. The foundation runs a day room. It is open every day and the kids can get warm, eat a meal and get shoes or a jacket, which do not have holes in them and can keep them warm in winter. Everyday from 2pm around 30 kids in the age from 5 to 15 have a safe place there.homes-of-these-children

These kids live in a district where there sometimes is no bathroom, electricity, central heating and some children do not even have their own beds. Everything in their lives can pose a problem: food, clothes, shoes, school books and supplies, hygienic products.

The funds are necessary to feed the kids and provide them with school supplies, to pay for heating and electricity in the day room and to pay two qualified caretakers. This is why voting for the video was so important.

Remember that in Poland one in five kids does not eat a warm meal!


Project for Awesome ended with our success.  Our film from 2014 is here: http://youtu.be/gNXMzhB7fUgAs the only foundation from Poland and one of the 20 chosen we got 10 thousand dollars. We got the money in September and thanks to a beneficial exchange rate we got 47 thousand złoty. The money is to go entirely for educational classes for the kids. And it is happening! Last year’s success gave us hope to gain more funding from this year’s Project for Awesome. This time we want to use the mony to renovate the roof of the dayroom.
Only Thanks to You
We are certain that without your help last year’s success nor this year’s attempt could happen. So please help us this time too. Please support our video in 2016 Project for Awesome.
What is Project for Awesome?
During one weekeng in December people from around the world upload their videos supporting various charities to Youtube. They present our video, where they talk about the charity and why they are taking part in Project for Awesome.
More information about Project4Awesome:

Best wishes and I hope you’ll help us

Sister Garczyńska’s Educational Foundation takes care of children from the poorest district of Wałbrzych – a city in southern Poland.
The Foundation was created in June 2014. It runs a day room by the name of “Talent Academy” for kids from the poorest district of Wałbrzych – Sobięcin. There is poverty, old houses sometimes without hot water or electricity. The unemployment is passed down through generations. And children caught up in all this.
We want to develop their talents, to help the children grow. Here the kids can get warm, eat a warm meal, get help with their studies or simply play. They get to here the all important words: believe in yourself. Everyday from 2pm to 6 pm 30 kids at the ages from 3 to 13 has a safe place here.
Thanks to the day room the children get a chance to escape poverty and have a few happy memories from their childhoods.
They came willingly. Because they like it here, because here somebody cares. They discover they are talented, get help with schoolwork. Here they are really important.
We’ve been active for 3 years, thanks to the donations of good people. The effects are already visible. The kids begun to believe in themselves, do better at school and some simply started to smile.
Please help the children escape poverty. Give them a couple good moments in their childhoods!

Please help break the poverty cycle and help those kids have normal lives!


NIP: 8862977814
KRS: 0000424484

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