Sister Wanda Garczynska (1891 – 1954)



Sister Garczyńska was a nun of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a teacher, care taker of children and teenagers.
Posthumously she received Righteous Among the Nations medal granted by the Israeli National Memorial Yad Vashem. 
During the II world war she showed enormous courage in rescuing Jews. In the boarding house of the school and in the Enclosed religious orders she hid Jews and with the help of other sisters and numerous friends she transferred many children to relatively safe places away from Warsaw.
She led the overall feeding action and made it possible for Jewish children escaping the ghetto to make use of it. She helped many people in hiding, including Jews, to find shelter and work. She provided premises for meetings of secret underground organizations and secret lectures of  Warsaw University at the monastery. All this happened despite the neighboring gendarmerie, frequent German checks and received warnings.
Let us remember that helping Jews posed the danger of being shot not only to sister Garczyńska, but also all the people who helped her.

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